Thinking of emailing us your House Plan for a Quote?

Almost completed a new build or starting the planning process?  Trying to get an idea on how much things cost?  Can't decide who to use for your Security Screens, Blinds and Plantation Shutters?  Before you consider emailing that house plan off to potential vendors to obtain a price, we have learnt that doing it this way can often result in you becoming dissapointed with your decision and the whole purchase process. The purchases of Blinds, Security or Shutters for a whole home is not a small decision. It will take a considerable amount of effort to get right and is not to be treated lightly if you expect the end result to be as you imagine.  Consequently if you are seeking a quote from us this is our preferred method.

  1. Preference is given to clients who take the time to schedule an in-home or showroom appointment with us to discuss their requirements and to go through all the various options.  If you are happy to do this, then please contact us to get the process underway.  We would love to hear from you and look forward to meeting with you, listening to your ideas, learning about us and making the vision of your new home a reality.  Call us now on 07 32745911 to schedule a meeting with one of our sales personel.

Why is a face to face meeting preferred? 

Building a new home is a daunting process with hundreds of decisions to make.  And in most cases these decisions involve thousands of dollars and this is also true for security, blinds and shutters.  We also assume that you don't have much time to make all these decisions so requesting a meeting may seem like an extravagant use of your time.  Whereas emailing your house plans to multiple suppliers looks like the much quicker and easier option.  Or is it?

So you decide to do some internet investigating (as you are doing now!) and then email or send your house plans to various companies and ask them to give you a qoute.  You recieve back a bunch of quotes (from some of them!).  At this point you really aren't giving yourself much to work with in trying to decide who to choose.  If you haven't met with any of these companies how are you going to be sure that you are making the right choice? Wouldn't you agree that taking a small amount of your time with a potential supplier is a whole lot better than trying to decide who to use from a few price quotes.

Invest an hourr of your time, make an appointment for us to come and see you, or come into our showroom and we can go through all your various options.   You will benefit greatly from this type of investigating and at the very least you can then use our advice, product recommendations, options and price as a benchmark when comparing with other similar companies that you may wish to seek a quote from.

Call us to book an appointment on 0732745911 or visit our Contact page and complete this form and we will be in touch to arrange an appointment with you.

Please allow about two hours for your appointment with us as there will be a lot to go through.  Oh...and remember to bring in your house plans.